Can church members or company employees get connected to specific internal or local charitable organizations that they have a heart for serving (i.e. youth, homeless) to be notified when they post new needs?

When your members/employees go through your web site to access their Account, they can select and “join” specific internal or local organizations, and will receive an email every time that charity posts a new need.  Also, whenever anyone signs up to meet a need of an organization on your web site, they will be given the option of “joining” that organization. Once approved by that organization, they will receive an email every time they post a need, with a link to see those needs. The link in that e-mail will automatically direct them to their church’s or company’s web site (or to the charity’s web site if the church or company does not have a template set up on its MTN account) to see those new needs. Only one e-mail will be sent out to each member/employee, regardless of how many needs an organization posts in one day.

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