Can we enable volunteers to schedule families to come back to receive services or items on a future date?

Yes. Volunteers cannot access your private, secure Shared Case Management Dashboard. However, Meet The Need has developed a separate interface for volunteers to book individuals and families to receive help in the future. First, to request logins for your volunteers, call Meet The Need at 813/527-0222 or email Then, pull up on the device they are using to schedule families, select the distribution site from the drop down list in the top right corner, and have them click Add New Family or type in the individual’s name or other identifying information in the text search box.

Before booking a family, each volunteer must search for the family requesting to be scheduled to see if they are already booked at another distribution site. This prevents double or triple booking families at various locations for the same drive. Searches may be done by any criteria provided by the family, including name, Social Security Number, Driver’s License, address, etc.   If the family does not appear in the search, the volunteer may add the new family and enter their details for that family, including household members.

Then the volunteer can search for available days and times available to book the families at locations where they are authorized to do so and indicate the types and quantity of items they should be given.