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Why is MTN donation-based rather than fee-based?

Rapid, widespread adoption of Meet The Need by churches and charities in a community is ideal for a city to take full advantage of Meet The Need.  It is much easier to get pastors, charities, associations and other influencers to adopt MTN and recommend MTN if there are no cost.  For example, the primary way that charities learn about MTN is through churches who tell their charity partners that there is now a much easier and better way for those charities to share their needs with the churches members.  So if MTN charged charities, churches would be in the awkward position of “selling” MTN to charities and that would stifle the “word of mouth” spread of Meet The Need.

How is MTN funded?

As a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, MTN has been funded in large part by donations from a group of individuals and foundations who believe in our mission and feel called to support our ministry. However, the costs of providing churches and charities with systems for managing all of their charitable activities have been significant.  So we ask churches and charities to consider donating to help MTN cover those costs, as well as help fund our expansion.  Because the software has already been built primarily through the generous contributions of Christian business people, most software development costs are behind us and the ongoing costs of enhancing the systems and serving our members are all that need to be covered.

What is Meet The Need going to cost us?

There is no cost to use Meet The Need.  We are a donation-based 501(c)(3) backed by Christian philanthropists, churches and charities who want to see the their city doing more to serve those in need.  You or your organization may donate to MTN if you’d like but there are no required fees to use our state-of-the-art software. That’s how we connect cities to serve – by giving valuable systems away to ensure everyone says “yes” to Meet The Need and winds up connected.