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How is access to Personal and Organizational Dashboards controlled?

  • Users who are not yet approved by an organization or those who did not register under the name of an organization will see only the left hand side of a Personal Dashboard. They will be able to view and update their own personal giving activity but will not be able to see any Organizational Dashboards or the needs of any particular organization (e.g. the right hand side of the Personal Dashboard).
  • Individuals who are not Key Contacts but are an Approved Member of an organization will still only see a Personal Dashboard when they log in to their account, but their Dashboard will show the needs of that organization (on the right hand side).
  • Users who are a Key Contact of an organization will see the Organizational Dashboard for that organization first when they log in. They can access their own Personal Dashboard by clicking the Personal Dashboard button below the Organizational Dashboard.

What is a Personal Dashboard and where can find it?

The Personal Dashboard gives quick access to an individual’s Meet The Need account. It is a snapshot of their serving activity (pending and completed) as well as access to see the needs of organizations they have joined. Each user of Meet The Need (whether they access it via a church web site or a charity web site) has various levels of access to view and change information in the system depending on what access they have been granted by the churches and charities they have “joined” via the system: