Category Content: Need Types

What types of needs can be posted?

There are two types of needs that can be posted in Meet The Need 1) volunteers and 2) goods(items).

Volunteer needs have different types based on the frequency of the need.

Volunteer Needs

There are many categories and subcategories to choose from when you post a volunteer need
1) One Time – only happening on one day
2) Recurring – happening over a series of days (consecutive days, weekly, monthly, etc).
3) Open Ended – no particular day is required for the need to be completed (you are flexible to the volunteer’s availability)

Goods(Items) Needs

Any item needed as part of your outreach activity can be posted (except for money). Choose from the list of categories and subcategories when you post a need.

As the full quantity of your need is met (either one at a time or as as a group of items) the need will no longer be visible on any website. Once the date of the need passes, the need will expire and no longer show on any website. If a commitment is cancelled for a volunteer/item, the quantity of the need will increase for someone else to meet that need.

Can I restrict the view of needs to only be seen by certain people?

All the types of needs (volunteer and goods) have the same option when you post the need to choose WHERE you want the needs to show (on which websites).

Public – visible on the websites of other organizations that are a part of MTN (if they have not hidden your organization from their template)

Semi-Private – only visible on your website (anyone visiting your website can see the needs and log-in when they are ready to commit to a need)

Members Only – only visible on your website but approved members must log-in first to see the need (this status is meant for highly confidential needs/teams – i.e. letting a group of Deacons know that someone is in the hospital)

Why aren’t there any needs for money posted through MTN?

  • MTN is about getting people out into the community to serve in Jesus’ name, giving of their time, talents and belongings, not writing a check from home
  • Giving money is more subject to abuse by recipients
  • Because MTN looks identical to a church’s web site, many churches do not want local charity and family needs for money within their web sites
  • It is difficult for anyone to determine who is truly in greater need of money