How can I remove from the URL of our links and buttons? And what do we do if we change the header or footer of our web site often?

Use an iFrame if you want to remove the Meet The Need web site address from the URL line for an even tighter integration. iFrames are also useful when an organization changes the header, footer or menu options on their web site frequently.

Implementing an iFrame requires involvement by your IT staff. Below are high level integration instructions for your IT department to help them get started. Contact Meet The Need at if you need more detailed instructions.

  • Create a template that is smart enough to recognize if it is inside an iframe and (if so) strips out header and navigation, leaving only the main content.
  • Create a dedicated page on your website that has an iFrame that points to Meet The Need with your Meet The Need link and parameters.
  • The main downside of iFrame implementations is the height and scrolling issue within the iFrame. The content in Meet The Need varies in length and so there is no single height that is ideal. If the iFrame is made too tall then it degrades the user experience by making the outer page scroll too far. If the iFrame is made too short then the user needs to scroll excessively inside the frame. The ideal size is around 700px+ wide and around 600-800px tall depending on the size of your website content above the iFrame.