How do I as a Key Contact approve a “Pending” member?

On your Pending Members page under Settings on your Dashboard, you can change the person’s status from Already Pending to Approve on the Already Pending/Approve/Deny drop down to the right of the person’s name.

You can approve many people at the same time by clicking the check boxes next to each person’s name and then clicking the Approve __ Selected Members button. You can also check the checkbox at the top of the table to select all of the individuals in the table below.

Charities typically approve Pending Members (using the Already Pending/Approve/Deny drop down) without knowing the individual because those individuals have simply “opted in” to see your needs and receive automated e-mail notifications whenever your organization posts new needs.

If a church or company does not know an individual who has registered under its name and cannot find them in its database, the Key Contact may move that person off its list of Pending Members by clicking Deny on the drop down box next to that person’s name and then clicking OK.

You may designate certain individuals as Key Contacts using the Regular Member/Key Contact drop down, which will allow them to see your organization’s Dashboard and post needs on behalf of your organization. Each person’s status can only be changed one at a time there.