How do I as an individual get connected with a local charity, my church or a ministry within my church to get updated about new needs they post?

  1. When Signing up to Meet a Need – When you commit to meet a need of a local charity, Meet The Need will automatically provide a pre-checked box asking if you would like to receive email updates the next time that charity posts needs.
  2. When Creating a Serve Account – You may be asked to create an account by your church, company or charity or you can do so directly on via our registration link. On the second page of your registration, select the name of your organization from the drop down list.
  3. On Your Personal Dashboard – You can search, select and opt in to receive email notifications from particular organizations (or teams/groups within those organizations) through your Personal Dashboard. If you already have a Meet The Need account, login and on your Personal Dashboard under Manage My Account, click the link Connect with My Church & Local Ministries. In the third section, select from the drop downs to “Join” a particular organization, which will add you to that organization’s Dashboard as a Pending Member.
  • Join Church – If you are not already a Pending or Approved “member” of a church in Meet The Need, then you may select one church to “join” so that you may see its needs and be notified when the church posts new needs
  • Join Ministry or Missionary Organization – Shows a list of all charities within the search radius you specified above for you to consider “joining” to see their needs and opt in to email notifications when they post needs
  • Join a Team from ______ – If you are an approved member of an organization and they have set up teams in Meet The Need under that organization, then you can see that list of teams on the drop down box(es) and request to Join one or more of those teams (to see their needs and opt in to email notifications when they post needs)

Once approved by the organization, you will be able to see their needs, receive email notifications when they post new needs, and/or to be made a Key Contact.

Under Your Pending Organizations you will see organizations with whom you have requested an association (to see their needs and receive email notifications when they post new needs) but where the Key Contact(s) of that organization has not yet approved your request.