How do I record a visit and assistance we provided for an individual or family?

If your organization helped a family or individual today and want to record all information about the family and services and items you provided, first consider whether or not you have assisted them in the past.

  • For an existing family in your database, on the Add/View Families button on your web site, click Search our Families and use the drop down to select the search criteria. Once you locate the person, click the Details button to the right of that family’s name, go to the Visits tab and click Add Current Visit. Fill out the information in the Wizard for entering the type of assistance you provided, quantity, referrals, faith decisions, reasons why they came in, and other details about the visit.
  • For a new family, click Search Network/Add Family, run the search for that family in the system, fill out the details about the family on the form, then click Add Current Visit.