How do I remove my association with an organization?

Under Connect with My Church & Local Ministries on your Personal Dashboard, look under Your Approved Organizations to see the list of all organizations where your request for an association has been accepted by the organization. If you are not a Key Contact of a particular organization, you may click the Remove Link button to end your association with that organization.

If you are a Key Contact of an organization, go to that organization’s Dashboard (using the View Another Organization’s Dashboard drop down box next to the Dashboard icon in the top right hand corner of your main Dashboard page), then click My Account, and then click Approved Members. If you are the only Key Contact of an organization, you cannot remove your association from that organization. If there is more than one Key Contact, have that other person make you a Regular Member so that you can remove your Association with that organization on the Connect with My Church & Local Ministries page on your Personal Dashboard.