How do I update my organization’s template if our website has changed?

All organizations change their websites occasionally, so we provide a way for you to update your templates quickly. Go to Settings on your Dashboard and click Create/Edit My Template under Customize MTN for Your Website.

If you use an Advanced template and you know HTML coding, make the adjustments to your current advance template and copy and paste the code to reflect your new header and footer and menus.  Test the sign up process and adjust as necessary to ensure all buttons and links work and all pages appear appropriately in each browser.

If you use a Basic template, click the Basic tab and update the colors, menu items, text fonts, logo, etc. to match more closely with your new web site.

When working with Basic or Advanced templates, you can check to see what your template will look like by simply clicking one of the links provided to you by Meet The Need via email or on your Dashboard (the Link button appears for each module on your main Dashboard page).