How do I use links to show our needs?

Simply attach (copy and paste) the link(s) to button(s) on your web site (indicating the types of needs shown) for people to “shop” those needs and sign up to help. For example, buttons may say “Volunteer Now”, “Most Needed Items” or “Current Needs of Metro Food Bank”. Links can also be attached to your menu items, pictures, or text on your web site. Each link is customized to display only the needs that the organization wants to show on that particular button. The organization can set up its web site however it would like – showing whatever needs it wants to wherever it wants to.

Some churches and companies set up a new “Serve the Community” landing page on their web site with several buttons showing a wide variety of opportunities to help in different ways. MTN provides you a set of Best Practice Recommendations for implementing Meet The Need on your website, including recommendations for where to display your buttons or links.