How is MTN different than church social networking sites?

Church-specific social networking was a competitive space with many vendors a few years ago. Those companies saw an opportunity to take advantage of the increasing popularity of social networking and assumed it could be applied profitably and effectively in churches to connect members. However, all but a few of those vendors are out of business today. They learned that church members didn’t want to join another social network. Church social networking sites have little to do with serving the community. They are intended for internal communication within the church and are not used by local charities, so it does not connect members directly with opportunities or charities, as Meet The Need does. Meet The Need is a software provider, not a social network – we give churches and charities proprietary software for managing all of their charitable activities. The fact that those systems are also used by other local organizations to communicate the needs of those local organizations provides added “social” and “networking” connectivity.


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