What are Expired Needs?

This report shows details about needs that have been posted in the past by your organization, including all contact details for each person who met every need. Expired needs are those where the Date Needed by: is prior to the current date. Expired needs no longer appear in search results.

On this report, Key Contacts can:

  • Edit any details about a need, including changing the Date Needed By to a future date in order to reactivate a need so that it reappears on the search results again
  • Edit specific occurrences of a recurring need
  • Add Shifts to a recurring need, loading in additional times for a volunteer need that day
  • See all Details about every individual or group who has agreed to meet (or partially meet) that need
  • Deactivate the need
  • Alter the View Status of the need to make it Public, Private or Semi-Private
  • Audit commitments in order to ensure accurate reporting of the fulfillment of commitments (i.e. cancel no-shows, change hours or quantities) and record other changes to those commitments via the Edit Need Response button
  • Email all those who have signed up to meet that need or email just those who have completed their commitments, cancelled or are still pending
  • Duplicate needs, avoiding the need to reenter information