What are Pending Commitments by Individuals or Groups under View Needs/Reports?

This report shows all the individuals or groups who have agreed to meet a current need posted by your organization. It provides an easy way to look up each person by name, group affiliation or other search criteria. When an individual, group, church or charity agrees to donate items or volunteer time to meet a need, the Key Contact of the organization who posted the need will see each donor’s contact information, the need they met, the date they agreed to meet the need, and the church or company they are associated with (if applicable). The Key Contact will also receive an automated e-mail confirming who has agreed to meet each need. Likewise, the donor will receive an e-mail with instructions for next steps to meet that need.

On this report, Key Contacts can:

  • Enter any identifying information about a particular individual or group to see all of their outstanding commitments
  • Select from drop down boxes to narrow all commitments by the categories or subcategories of goods or services provided to the organization, families, mission trips, missionaries or events
  • Sort Pending Commitments by a wide variety of date ranges (e.g. to follow up with those who have not “completed” promised commitments within a certain period of time)
  • View contact details and organizational affiliation (church or company) of each individual or group, the need they agreed to met, date need is to be met, date they made the commitment, difference between the date the commitment was made and today’s date, and the number of items or volunteers committed
  • View data, graphs and charts showing key metrics for total commitments (those displayed based on your search criteria above) to meet needs posted by your organization by date range and need type. Metrics include the number of volunteers, items, volunteer hours and other summary level statistics.
  • Automatically generate a CSV report showing all of the data for the commitments displayed in the table based on your search criteria.