When we schedule families to come back on a certain day and time, how do we check them in?

On the final screen for scheduling families, users print a bar-coded confirmation for the family to take with them and bring back the day of their appointment. This is the family’s reminder of where and when to return and what items/services they will receive. This will also help ensure an accurate record of what items/services are to be provided the day of the appointment.

On the date the family returns for their visit, volunteers at the distribution site scan the bar-coded sheet that was provided to the family, which will automatically pull up the family’s information and their scheduled visit(s). If the family forgot to bring or lost the bar coded sheet, the volunteer can search for them by name, SSN#, driver’s license, address, etc. using the Family Search box. Then they Check In the family next to appropriate appointment and confirm the items or services the family is to receive that day.