Where and how can I view and manage my organization’s teams?

To view and manage each team you created, go to My Account, and click View Teams under My Teams. You will see the name of each team, contact information for the leader of the team, the names of each member of that team, all of that group’s pending and completed giving activity, as well as any outstanding “offers” they have entered into the system. You may also deactivate the team or reactivate a team that was previously deactivated under Activation Status. The team’s status will change immediately. Keep in mind that the numbers shown for the team’s Pending Commitments, Completed Commitments and Offers reflect all activities of the individual team members, not exclusively their activities within/for that particular team.

You can also directly access each team’s Dashboard by selecting the name of that team from the Select Other Organization drop down (which is located to the left of your Dashboard icon in the top right hand corner of your Dashboard). On your team’s Dashboard, the Key Contact for the team can post needs for the team or view reports showing all of the commitment activity for the needs you posted for that team.