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A Key Contact is no longer with us. How can I remove their access to the Dashboard or remove them from our MTN account?

On your Approved Members page under Settings on your Dashboard, you can change a member status from a Key Contact to a Regular Member. If they are no longer with the organization, you can change their member status to Deny instead of Approved. If you are only Key Contact and original creator of the organization, event or team, and you want to remove your own association you will need to assign another Key Contact to change your status to Regular Member.

How can I as an individual be added as a Key Contact administrator for my church, company, team or a charity?

If you already have a Meet The Need account, login and on your Personal Dashboard under Manage My Account, click the link Connect with My Church & Local Ministries. If you do not yet have a Meet The Need account, go to the serving page/button on your organization’s web site or register at using your email and password. On the second page of your registration, select the name of your organization from the drop down list.   Once you have an account and are logged in, click My Account or the Dashboard icon to go to your account page. On your Personal Dashboard under Manage My Account, click the link Connect with My Church & Local Ministries.

Under Your Pending Organizations you will see organizations with whom you have requested an association but where the Key Contact(s) of that organization has not yet approved your request.

In the third section, select from the drop downs shown to request to connect (“Join”) with organizations to see their needs, receive email notifications when they post new needs, and/or to be made a Key Contact.

  • Join Church – If you are not already a Pending or Approved “member” of a church in Meet The Need, then you may select one church to “join” so that you may see its needs and be notified when the church posts new needs
  • Join Ministry or Missionary Organization – Shows a list of all charities within the search radius you specified above for you to consider “joining” to see their needs and opt in to email notifications when they post needs
  • Join a Team from ______ – If you are an approved “member” of an organization and they have set up teams in Meet The Need under that organization, then you can see that list of teams on the drop down box(es) and request to Join one or more of those teams (to see their needs and opt in to email notifications when they post needs)

You will then be added into that organization’s dashboard as a Pending Member.  Whoever has current Key Contact access to the Dashboard will need to login and Approve you and choose to make you a Key Contact. You will then have full access to that organization’s Dashboard the next time you login and can switch Dashboards using the Select other Organization dropdown at the top right next to the Dashboard icon.

How is an Individual made a Key Contact of an organization?

You may designate certain individuals as Key Contacts, which will allow them to see your organization’s Dashboard and post needs on behalf of your organization. Each person’s status can only be changed one at a time. First, have the person register using this link and select your organization from the drop down in step 2. Then you login to your Dashboard, go to My Account, Member Status and click Pending Members.   Search for that individual and select Approve in the first drop down next to his/her name, and Key Contact in the second drop down. The next time that person logs in they will automatically have full access to the Dashboard of organizational, team, or event to which you gave them access.

What is a Key Contact?

A Key Contact is the person who either created the organization’s MTN account, or was given access to be an account administrator of the organization. Key Contacts have administrative access to an organization’s main Dashboard and/or to the Dashboard of a sub-organization (team or event) under the organization. Those administrative privileges include posting needs, viewing reports, auditing fulfillment, etc. on behalf of the organization.