Category Content: Meeting Needs

How are our confirmation and reminder emails addressed?

Emails are automatically sent through the Meet The Need system to those who commit to meet need you post; however, they are addressed from the person who registered the organization or the person who created the team or event. You may edit that Key Contact information on the organization’s/team’s/event’s Dashboard under My Account and Edit Organization Profile.


Can we customize our reminder emails?

Yes. Under Settings on your Dashboard, under Customize E-Mails & Confirmation Pages click Manage E-Mails & Confirmation Pages, which will walk you through the process of creating a special account to edit our standard content for each of your confirmation emails, reminder emails and your confirmation page.

What confirmation and reminder emails are sent to those who commit to meet needs?

A confirmation email is sent immediately after someone signs up to meet a need. Reminders are sent at 21, 7, and 1 day prior to the Needed by: date. Recurring volunteer needs only receive a confirmation email and only 1 reminder prior to the first occurrence (due to the number of occurrences). The emails are addressed from the Key Contact of the organization or team who posted the need. The email includes a link asking the user to Cancel if their plans have changed or to Complete and enter a testimonial after the meet the need. Those links will take the person to their church’s or company’s web site to perform those actions (if their church or company has a template). Or it will take them directly to the organization’s web site who posted the need if they are not associated with a church or company (or if their church or company does not have a template).