Category Content: Showing Needs

Where do I go for resources to share Meet The Need with others in my network so we can all communicate needs much more easily?

Meet The Need has a wide array of materials and videos available to help you encourage others to join the network of MTN users.

If you are a church, sharing MTN with your charity partners will make it much more simple for you to show their needs to your members. For materials to tell your charity partners about MTN, click here.

If you are a charity, sharing MTN with your church partners will make it much more simple for you to communicate your needs directly to their members. For materials to tell your church partners about MTN, click here.

You can also access those materials on the Share MTN! button on the orange sub-menu on or by clicking the blue Share button on the bottom of your Dashboard.


Can I change the images next to the needs on the search page?

The icons are associated with each type of need based on the category chosen when the need was posted. These icons are used by our members nationwide; therefore, we are not able to customize them. However, if you are running an outreach event, you can create customized categories and subcategories and can also attach your own icon/logo (.jpeg) to your overall event.


Why is it important for me to communicate to our database of volunteers, members, etc. that internal and local needs may now be found on our web site?

People are not accustomed to going to a charity, company or church web site to search and adopt needs. They are used to hearing about charitable needs or events through emails, a bulletin, the pulpit announcements, etc. and signing up via a paper form. So you will want to communicate and remind them frequently to go to your web site to find ways they can serve others. Driving traffic toward your web site will take workload off your staff and allow you to spend more time cultivating relationships and planning new opportunities to increase your impact in the community.

How do I use links to show our needs?

Simply attach (copy and paste) the link(s) to button(s) on your web site (indicating the types of needs shown) for people to “shop” those needs and sign up to help. For example, buttons may say “Volunteer Now”, “Most Needed Items” or “Current Needs of Metro Food Bank”. Links can also be attached to your menu items, pictures, or text on your web site. Each link is customized to display only the needs that the organization wants to show on that particular button. The organization can set up its web site however it would like – showing whatever needs it wants to wherever it wants to.

Some churches and companies set up a new “Serve the Community” landing page on their web site with several buttons showing a wide variety of opportunities to help in different ways. MTN provides you a set of Best Practice Recommendations for implementing Meet The Need on your website, including recommendations for where to display your buttons or links.


Once we post needs, where do we get our links to show them on our web site?

Once we post needs, where do we get our links to show them on our web site? (View Instructional Video)

Showing needs requires links provided to you by Meet The Need in one of three ways:

  1. Emailed to you when your organization registered
  2. Retrieve the links from your Dashboard by clicking the Link button located in the top right corner of the box for each module, or
  3. Create Your Own Links using our link building wizard

If you’ve created a Web Site Template, each of those links will show the applicable needs on pages that look like your web site.

What kinds of links can I make?

Your Link Manager under Settings on your Dashboard allows you to customize links by:

  • Type (Volunteer, Family, Missions)
  • Category (of goods or service)
  • Location
  • Public/Private
  • Keyword

You can also choose to receive the links as text, URLs or preconfigured buttons. You may format the buttons by color and style as well as entering text inside the button (e.g. “Volunteer Now!”)