Does MTN have tools for Asset Based Community Development?

Yes. Communicating needs to those who can help is critical. It is equally important to communicate what assets each organization has to offer. Needs and assets are essentially two sides of the same coin. Asset Based Community Development is a common theme among organizations and organizers trying to unite and mobilize cities to address key social issues like hunger, poverty and disaster relief. Meet The Need has developed tools for Asset Based Community Development including the ability to:

  • Show the organizations in your area and the services they provide on a customizable, searchable directory system. Contact Meet The Need for more information about the directory solution.
  • When “approved members” of a registered organization search for a need they want to meet but are unable to find one that fits their search criteria, they may post an offer to provide that item or service. The next time a Key Contact of a local organization posts a need in that same category and subcategory as the offer, the Key Contact will see that offer and can decide whether to match up with that offer or bypass the offer and continue with posting the need.
  • Organizational administrators may also view local offers, post their own offers and view their own offers directly on their Dashboard