Can my church use MTN if we have no web site?

  • Yes, a church can point members to current opportunities to serve the community by directing them to the web site of another organization in the local area that uses MTN to show needs (Note: Many cities have “connector” organizations or denominational associations that utilize Meet The Need to show local needs to those who visit their site).
  • By joining Meet The Need, a church with no web site will still have access to all of MTN’s software where it can post needs for its members, the church or its charities. The church can also form teams for its internal ministries to empower lay leaders with tools to manage their ministries (i.e. ushers, greeters). Members of the church (and those internal ministry teams) can be emailed automatically when new needs are posted.
  • Churches can also attach links to their Facebook pages (if they have one) showing their own (or local) volunteer, resource and family needs.

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