Can our organization limit who can see certain needs?

Yes, in two directions:

  1. Post/Edit Needs – You can post needs so that they are seen only by your members (private), only on your web site (semi-private), or may be seen outside of your organization (public).  For example, a church may set up a team for Visitation exclusively for its Elders and Deacons.  In that case, the Visitation team leader would post needs as “Private” so the Elders and Deacons would have to log in before even being able to see those needs.
  2. Hide/Show Needs – You may also choose which needs from outside of your organization may be seen by your members or employees.  For instance, you may be working with one food bank and not another so you could show the first food bank’s needs and not the others.  You can do this in one of two ways:  1) If you want to show all local needs except for the needs of particularly charities, then you can “hide” the needs of those charities, or 2) Rather than showing all local needs, MTN can provide you separate links for each of your charity partners showing each charity’s needs on separate buttons.

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