How can I set up a separate missions team for our missions leader to manage and communicate all of their needs?

You can form teams (groups of individuals) under your organization who have an interest in your missions efforts and/or are properly credentialed to serve in a specialty overseas. Using Teams (under My Account) will allow you to communicate missions needs only to certain individuals (those who are assigned to that team). When the team leader posts needs for that role or skill set via the mission team’s dashboard, those pre-qualified individuals on that teams will receive automated email notifications. For needs posted as Private, team members will have to login to prove they are members of the team before seeing the needs. Team leaders will have a dedicated dashboard for their team to post/manage needs, organize team members, and see who has agreed to meet each need.

To set up a mission team, go to My Teams under My Account on your Dashboard and click Add a New Team.

To assign people to the missions team:

  1. Have them first register on this link under the name of your organization (in Step 2)
  2. Go to your Dashboard and click My Account and Approved Members under Member Status
  3. Check the box next to that individual’s name on the list and click the Assign __ Members to Teams button, select the missions team from the drop down list, and then click Assign
  4. Then, switch Dashboards to the team you created (via the drop down box in the top right corner of your Dashboard next to the house icon)
  5. Go the Pending Members page and approve each individual as a Regular Member or Key Contact

If you make someone a Key Contact on the team’s Dashboard (via the drop downs to the far right of the person’s name), the next time they login, that person will have access to the dedicated missions dashboard to post/manage missions needs and see who has agreed to meet each need