How did the idea for MTN come about?

Our founder, Jim Morgan, was a former Investment Banker on Wall Street, Legislative Aid to a U.S. Congressman on Capitol Hill, MBA from a top business school, and spent 12 years as a Management Consultant to Fortune 500 companies. But in the midst of that career, as a Christian, he felt like he needed to be spending more time serving God and helping others.  He searched for opportunities to give back with local churches and Christian charities but struggled to find something that would take advantage of the skills he had to offer.  Then, during the “Dot Com” boom while working as an eBusiness strategist for Internet companies, God turned Jim’s struggle into a personal calling.  One day in 2000, God gave him an inspired thought – rather than people shopping for what they want to buy on the web, why can’t they “shop” for someone who needs what they want to give away!  The same strategies and technologies Jim was helping large corporations implement could be used to help others find opportunities to reach out to those in need.  After over a decade of design, development, piloting and testing, Meet the Need is the realization of that vision, providing a unique and innovative way to leverage leading-edge business technology to enable churches, companies, charities and individuals to reach out to those in need in their local communities or anywhere in the world!


For more information, watch our MTN overview video.

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