How does MTN empower leaders within the organization with tools to manage their areas of responsibility?

Leaders of departments/divisions within charities (e.g. thrift store, warehouse) and churches (e.g. Bible Studies, Sunday School, Women’s, Men’s, Ushers, Greeters) can be empowered with the ability to manage the needs of their group. Doing so takes work off the organization’s staff.  Therefore, MTN allows teams to be set up under an organization’s account (administrators can see all giving activities and needs posted by those teams).  Individuals may join those teams so that they will receive automated notifications when that team posts new needs. The “Click Here” link in those e-mails takes team members to the church’s or charity’s web site to view and sign up to meet those needs.  Many organizations also put buttons on their site to highlight each team’s needs (via a link provided by MTN). The team leaders can see details about all commitments made for their needs, communicate directly with those individuals with updates, run reports, etc.

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