How does MTN prevent people from walking from church to church or charity to charity asking for the same things?

MTN tracks and report to other organizations in the community where families 1) have already been and what they received, 2) to record a current visit and what was given to the family, and 3) where families are scheduled to be going and what items they will be receiving. When the person walks into a 2nd MTN church or charity, the Key Contact loads in whatever information the family will provide (e.g. phone number, address, Driver’s License, SSN#) and the system searches the entire local MTN database.  If it finds that person, then the Key Contact will see what church or charity they’re already assigned to, all of their household members who have been entered into the system, what needs are currently listed in the system for their household, other organizations that have helped that household, and what they did for them (e.g. gave them $100 or bag of groceries), even if it happened 1 hour ago. The church or charity can then respond, “you’re already part of the giving network that we use so your needs are already showing up on the web sites of many local organizations.”  Sharing a common platform allows churches to work together in unity to meet local family needs and prevents potential “abusers” from taking advantage of anyone’s generosity.

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