How does MTN work from a technical standpoint?

With MTN, there is no software to load.  MTN operates within a church’s or charity’s web site via links that are simply attached to buttons (e.g. saying “Volunteer Now” or “Most Needed Items”). Each link is customized to display only the needs that the organization wants to show on that particular button (e.g. the needs of a particular internal or external organization).  You can create a template to match your web site so that all pages showing needs will look like you, not MTN. The organization can set up its web site however it would like – showing whatever needs it wants to wherever it wants to.  Users simply click on the buttons to see details about each need and register to sign up. MTN powers those buttons and provides administrator with all of our management and communication software. We provide training videos for every module of our software so you can quickly learn how to use each system at your convenience.

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