What are Open/Partially Filled Needs?

A report showing all needs your organization has posted which are either Open (those not met at all, in Red) or have been Partially Filled (those where a portion has been met, but not fully – in Orange).

On this report, Key Contacts can:

  • Edit any details about a need (e.g. description, quantity needed, recurrence frequency)
  • Edit specific occurrences of a recurring need
  • Add Shifts to a recurring need, loading in additional times for a volunteer need that day
  • See all Details about every individual or group who has agreed to meet (or partially meet) that need
  • Deactivate the need
  • Alter the View Status of the need to make it Public, Private or Semi-Private
  • Audit commitments in order to ensure accurate reporting of the fulfillment of commitments (i.e. cancel no-shows, change hours or quantities) and record other changes to those commitments via the Edit Need Response button
  • Email all those who have signed up to meet that need or email just those who have completed their commitments, cancelled or are still pending
  • Duplicate needs, avoiding the need to reenter information