Can people post offers for goods or services they want to provide?

Yes, organizational administrators or approved members of churches can post offers. Meet The Need is a “closed loop” system in that we require that volunteers search local needs before posting offers (because there is no need to post an offer if a local needs exists for that same item or service). We also require that administrators search offers before posting needs (because there is no reason to post a need if a local offer exists for that same item or service). If an offer is posted, when an administrator of a nearby organization goes to post a need for that same item or service, they will find that offer and be able to match with the offer.  The person who made the offer will receive an automated e-mail indicating that their offer has been accepted, giving them the contact information for the church or charity who accepted your offer.  An automated e-mail is sent to that church or charity as well.  Their offer will also be converted to a “Pending Commitment” and will be listed on that person’s Personal Dashboard.

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