Category Content: Post Offers/Needs

Who can post a need?

Only administrators of registered and approved churches, charities or missionary organizations can post needs. No individuals or families can post needs onto MTN. We want all needs to be qualified by an organization that has been approved to join the MTN network.

Why do we have to search the local “offers” every time we try to post a need?

Every time you post a need the system will ask you to search any offers that have been made by your members, volunteers or others in the community to provide that same item or service you were going to request.  There is no reason to post a need if an offer has already been made to provide the exact same thing your church, charity or a local family needs.  If you review the offers that have been made and do not want to accept one of them, you may bypass the offers and continue with posting the need.  Searching offers is not an additional step because MTN uses your search criteria (for the offer) to prepopulate the category and subcategory automatically as you then post the need. The fact that MTN is a closed-loop system is of value to you. It encourages people to post offers when they cannot find a need and we remind you to search those offers before posting a need.

Can people post offers for goods or services they want to provide?

Yes, organizational administrators or approved members of churches can post offers. Meet The Need is a “closed loop” system in that we require that volunteers search local needs before posting offers (because there is no need to post an offer if a local needs exists for that same item or service). We also require that administrators search offers before posting needs (because there is no reason to post a need if a local offer exists for that same item or service). If an offer is posted, when an administrator of a nearby organization goes to post a need for that same item or service, they will find that offer and be able to match with the offer.  The person who made the offer will receive an automated e-mail indicating that their offer has been accepted, giving them the contact information for the church or charity who accepted your offer.  An automated e-mail is sent to that church or charity as well.  Their offer will also be converted to a “Pending Commitment” and will be listed on that person’s Personal Dashboard.