How is Meet the Need (MTN) different than other “volunteering” or “clearinghouse” web sites?

Meet The Need is the ONLY system in existence today that unites and mobilizes the cities to serve by empowering each individual church and charity with a completely controllable, private labeled, yet shared platform. Clearinghouse solutions do not empower; they drive all traffic to one destination web site to post and find needs. However we learned that churches don’t want to abdicate local missions by sending members to an outside clearinghouse web site to find needs. Churches and companies also want to control and regulate the needs being shown to their members/employees. And charities do not need just another place to post needs. We also realized that churches, companies and most charities had no modern systems for managing and communicating local needs. So Meet The Need took an “empowerment” approach, equipping each individual church and charity with modern tools for managing and communicating all of their charitable activities. MTN automates all of the local mission processes that were formerly done by pen, paper, phone, and e-mail. With MTN, your organization’s staff is able to spend much less time and effort, yet dramatically increase the organization’s impact in the community. For example, showing needs, taking sign ups, making changes/updates, handling cancellations, sending reminders, etc. are all handled automatically.

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