Category Content: Efficiency

Can our organization make adjustments to the details (e.g. logistics) about a need, even at the last minute, and communicate the changes to all individuals who’ve signed up?

Yes, quantity needed, dates and times, descriptions of the need, etc. may all be changed and any time. The new details are reflected instantly on all web sites where a need appears. The content of reminder emails also automatically changes.  You can also email all individuals in each shift where a change has occurred.

How does MTN save charities time and money?

There are tremendous inefficiencies today in how charities communicate needs to church and corporate partners, and how those churches/companies share those needs with their members/employees. MTN automates all of those processes that are currently done by pen, paper, phone, and e-mail. MTN also provides charities with a complete set of best-in-class systems at no charge for managing volunteers, in-kind donations, families in need, events, drives, etc., saving money spent on purchasing each of those applications and the time spent learning all of those systems.

How can I empower leaders in our church to manage their ministries more efficiently?

Staff and lay leaders want better tools to help them manage their internal ministries (e.g. greeters, ushers). They find it challenging to e-mail and call to find volunteers, track signups on spreadsheets, send reminders, handle last minute cancellations, etc. MTN eases the administrative burden on internal ministry leaders by empowering them with a automated Dashboard to post and manage their own needs. The church staff also saves substantial time by letting lay leaders handle all of those logistics.

How does MTN save churches time and money?

MTN automates all of the local missions processes that were formerly done by pen, paper, phone, e-mail and Post-It Notes.  There are tremendous inefficiencies today in how volunteer needs are communicated to church attenders/members and how they connect with those opportunities.  A church cannot possibly survey the community, even just its charity partners, to find out their current needs and put those in front of members on a real-time basis.  Those needs are constantly changing and the church cannot keep up with them or communicate them effectively from the pulpit or in the bulletin.  Even if a church managed to communicate those needs, how would members register to volunteer?

With MTN, a church staff could expend very little effort (far less than it does today) yet be able to dramatically increase the church’s impact in the community by allowing members and small groups to see and sign up for a wide range of church, charity, family or missions needs through the church’s web site. A church can even let members and small groups “opt in” to receive emails from ministries inside or outside the church whenever they post new needs