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How does MTN help run our church or charity event or make a large city-wide event far more successful?

Events require collaboration and coordination.  Without an automated system, those tasks are far too manual and labor intensive, done primarily via email, phone calls, meetings and paperwork. Communicating needs, taking sign-ups, handling cancellations, determining who-did-what and gathering testimonials after the event are all challenging to manage as well.  But MTN provides a way to handle all collaboration and administration with much less effort, while also getting much better results:

  1. Involve Partner Organizations – MTN entices other organizations to be part of your event by allowing them to plug in and benefit with little effort on their part
  2. Unite All Partners Seamlessly – Show a wide variety of opportunities and take registrations through the web sites of all partners, not just your own site (unless you want to show those needs just on your web site)
  3. Manage All Logistics and Volunteers Online – See all your teams, leaders, shifts, volunteers and supplies all on one access-controlled Dashboard
  4. Make Sure Everyone Is Where They Need to Be the Day of the Event – Make changes, communicate updates, handle reminders and cancellations automatically
  5. Record and Track all Event Activities for Future Use – Track outstanding needs, audit, calculate volunteer hours, and retain all info for future events