Category Content: Reporting

What other reporting capabilities does MTN provide?

MTN enables administrators to see the status of needs, to audit volunteer activities (who showed up, how long they stayed, and how many people they brought with them in their group), to calculate volunteer hours, to determine the quantity of items provided to families, to view the number of families scheduled for drives, etc. – all over any time period or within any team/division in the organization.


What information do administrators see about those who have signed up to meet their needs?

Meet The Need provides Open, Filled and Expired Need reports showing contact information for each individual, including church/company affiliation, number of items or volunteers promised, group details, status of the commitment (Pending, Completed or Cancelled) and testimonial (if that person has “completed” the commitment and entered a testimonial). That data is retained indefinitely on the organization’s Dashboard so it can look back and analyze all past volunteer and resource giving activity.


What information is provided through MTN to track our organization’s impact in the community?

Key Contacts (administrators) get a complete view of every need ever met by anyone, regardless of whether that person or group signed up to meet that need through a church’s/company’s web site or through a charity’s web site. The organization can calculate volunteer hours, the number of volunteers, number of items, and services provided during any timeframe across the whole organization or for specific types of internal or external needs.