Category Content: Liability Protection

Can we upload our current database of members (for a church) or volunteers (for a charity)?

In some cases, yes, but keep in mind that if we upload the database then you will want to have them all sign a “Terms of Use” agreement (which happens automatically the first time someone logs in to MTN).  The “Terms of Use” was written in a collaborative effort by a legal assistance organization, Meet The Need’s attorneys, and a mega church.  It protects your church, company, charity and Meet The Need in case anything goes wrong when an individual or group provides items or services to an organization or a family.

How does MTN protect organizations from liability?

Many churches and companies today do outreach without any form of protection from liability in case of an accident.  Many charities have volunteers sign waivers or releases but some do not. MTN requires every volunteer who wants to meet a need to sign a Terms of Use indemnifying the organization from liability should anything go wrong during a community service activity.  The Terms of Use was written with the help of a Christian legal assistance organization, the attorney for a large church, and MTN’s attorneys.