Category Content: Privacy

MTN houses individual contact information. Will MTN use that to solicit contributions from them to MTN?

No. That information is only used to administer the MTN program.  Our philosophy is that those involved with your organization should never hear the name “Meet The Need”. Our mission is to empower you, so we stay “behind the scenes”.  You are the face of compassion and Christ to your community, so it would go against our philosophy and approach to solicit contributions (or reach out directly for any purpose) from individuals associated with your organization.

What information is collected about our church’s members, company employees or charity volunteers and who can see that data?

We collect minimal information about individuals when they sign up to meet a need (name, city, state, zip, phone number, and email address).  That data can only be seen by Key Contacts of your organization and Key Contacts of organizations where that individual has signed up to meet a need (so that organization can connect with that person about meeting that need). For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

How is the privacy of families in need maintained through our Shared Case Management system?

Privacy is key to the operation of MTN.  See our Privacy Policy. There are three levels of access to family information:

  1. Administrators of Organization who Loaded the Family in MTN – Can see all personal information they entered into the system about the family
  2. Administrators of Organization who did not Load the Family in MTN – Will see limited information to verify whether the individual or family is likely the same one who is asking them for help (based on the search criteria they entered into the search form)
  3. Individuals who Want to Meet The Need of a Family – Will only see an anonymous description of the family in need so they can decide whether they would like to help the family