Category Content: Private Labeling

Why is MTN “behind the scenes”/private labeled?

You want to show your constituents and your community how important caring for others is to your organization.  So you want to provide a means for people to find out how they can serve those in need and do so directly, not through another (outside) organization.  You are the face of help and hope to your community. It does not matter if people in your city think MTN cares about them – it matters that they think you care about them. Therefore, all of our systems look like your web site and all emails (although sent out by/through MTN) are addressed in your name, not ours.

For a church, there are a number of reasons we make MTN look like your web site:

  • If you label the system Meet The Need or use Meet The Need’s logo on your site, it will appear that you have abdicated local missions to an outside organization. Because Jesus modeled the power of “caring” for sharing (the gospel), churches should follow that model and not leave the impression with anyone that it has outsourced local missions.
  • Members will be reluctant to go “out” of your web site to a separate organization. They will be far more comfortable finding opportunities through their own church’s web site. In other words, fewer needs will be met if you use MTN’s logo and name.
  • In addition, churches have the pastors, the buildings, the programs and the people to help lead people to Christ – MTN does not.  So we want to empower the Church and let them see your heart for serving others – not ours. Therefore, MTN should stay behind the scenes and let your members, visitors and the community see your brand and not “MTN’s”.  We recommend you call the MTN section of your web site something that fits your church (e.g. “Calvary Cares”, “Building Bridges”, “Serve”).